Despite 77% of global leaders saying sustainability is at the top of the boardroom agenda, 34% of them admit to needing support to make it real.

The fact is that organizations that are investing in technology are making faster progress on achieving their ESG goals. Known as the changemakers, they represent only 6% of global organizations polled about their progress on sustainability initiatives.

Find out what makes a changemaker and how you can become part of the elusive 6%…

The global sustainability gap


only 7% of European organizations are prepared for environmental emergencies


only 12% using or creating carbon-neutral products


only 2% have achieved net zero status


only 9% are developing sustainable supply chains

Last year we interviewed 1,000 business and public sector leads about sustainability and technology. Here’ what they told us:

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What makes a changemaker

It’s not just about sustainability though – changemakers are also likely to smash their financial targets, increase brand value and increase pace – proving that making smart decisions about investments really does pay back.

Higher profits

The changemakers are more likely to smash their financial goals: 46% of the changemakers say they are enjoying profits that are exceeding their expectations compared with just 29% of the followers.

Better brands

The changemakers are more likely to enjoy better brand performance than the rest: 46% say their brand reputation is better than they expected compared with 37% of the followers


The changemakers find it easier to achieve sustainability transformation: 54% say that using technology to power sustainability transformation has been easier than they thought, and they’ve reached key milestones earlier than planned. This compares with just 38% of the followers.

There is a direct impact for change makers on their business performance.

93% of changemakers feel confident they can meet their sustainability transformation goals on time, compared with just 58% of the rest.

They are characterized by:
• Communication and culture
• Measuring success
• Innovation
• Technology maturity
• Confidence in skills to execute

Fujitsu is helping organizations cross public and private sectors around the world to achieve their sustainability goals through Hybrid IT.

Here are just a few examples.

Helping Whitbread reduce carbon emissions & energy consumption

When Whitbread wanted to move away from its traditional data centre to the cloud to become more energy efficient Fujitsu migrated Whitbread’s applications to Microsoft Azure which according to Microsoft is between 72% and 98% more carbon efficient than conventional on-premises data centres.

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AB InBev: giving consumers transparency into what goes into their beer

Fujitsu developed a blockchain solution for AB Bev to give beer drinkers and farmers an understanding of where their beer is grown, reaped, malted and to understand its environmental impact.

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Hybrid Cloud solution helps Environment Agency deliver flood warnings index to UK citizens

Climate change means more people need warnings on extreme weather events. Find out how a hybrid cloud solution Fujitsu developed with AWS now protects over 1.5 million homes.

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Cloud enabled technology at New South Wales Fire Service helps combat natural disasters

A rise in bushfires demanded a digital solution to enable firefighters to share life-saving information. We created an ecosystem of partners to deliver instant data to where it matters the most – to each fire truck and crew.

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