Is cloud security clouding your judgement?

Our research shows security is the top area requiring immediate investment to optimize cloud operations for European leaders. Fujitsu will help you build the foundations to achieve a secure framework for future agility

Is Cloud Security Clouding Your Judgement

Security delivers the confidence to move at pace

82% of responders in a recent Ponemon study believe they’ve experienced a data breach as a result of DX. It’s no surprise then, that tech leaders are worried about their security of their data in the cloud.

Cyber security for complex IT infrastructures: leave nothing to chance when you modernize

Everyone needs to think about cyber security.  But if you have a complex digital infrastructure, this one’s for you.

Ask the right questions about hybrid IT

Hybrid IT infrastructures can streamline business functions. But where do you begin and how do you decide where your workloads should go? Find the answers.

Protected Foundations in action

Protected foundations are all about secure infrastructure environments and providing a solid base for future growth. Before moving on, complete confidence is needed in the safety of data, digital assets and critical services.
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