Join us at a special, virtual executive discussion evening, 10th May 2023 at 16:30

Can big business step up to deliver for people, planet and profit?

The narrative of business has shifted and there’s now only one subject on the lips of leaders the world over. In every boardroom, debates take place daily about the need to reshape and reform, so that business can take a different place in the world.

Here in Europe, multiple interwoven crises are taking place simultaneously, forcing businesses to re-evaluate their supply chains, workforces, and their impact on society, further compounded by global pressure to consider more holistic (and even altruistic) goals.

The eyes of the world are on big business to play its part in creating a sustainable future for generations to come, because it is perceived to have the capacity, capability and financial power to create the infrastructure, innovations and impetus needed to make an impact.

· With pressed resources and targets to meet, where can business look for inspiration and innovation that will create capacity for sustainable change?

· How can business reconcile strategy with sustainability, and meet financial objectives whilst stepping-up for the greater good?

· How can business remain successful and profitable long-term whilst also satisfying a new set of stakeholders and objectives?

Our discussion will focus on how close that gap through better use of technologies like cloud to transform business models, contribute to greener business practices and a better society, as well as achieve business objectives more sustainably.

Our expert speakers are:

Leo Johnson

Visiting Business Fellow at Oxford University Smith School of Enterprise & Environment

Leo Johnson explores the cutting edge in exponential technology, probing game changers both short term and long, from autonomous transport and payment by data to radical life extension, quantum computing, and the RFID chipped workforce. What – in the tsunami of exponential technology – is real and what is hype? More importantly, what is the impact going to be on business

After Oxford and INSEAD, Leo joined the World Bank as a Resource Economist before co-founding the boutique advisory firm Sustainable Finance. He is now a Visiting Business Fellow at Oxford University’s Smith School of Enterprise & the Environment, a judge on the Financial Times’ Boldness in Business awards, and a regular presenter on BBC World.

Marga Hoek

Business leader, author, C-Level Mentor and a Thinkers50 leading business thinker

Marga Hoek is a business leader, author and advisor working in sustainability who works with governments and businesses of all types and sizes. She takes a business approach to sustainability, combining innovation with new business models to explore the opportunities it presents.

As well as various senior and C-level roles in private and public organizations, Marga has served as CEO and Chairman of the Dutch Sustainable Business Association. She is a C-level mentor and is listed on the respected Thinkers50 roster of leading business thinkers.

Jason Daniels

Chief Digital Officer, Cloud, Data & Apps, Fujitsu

In a 25-year career in the technology industry Jason has been responsible for large-scale technology-driven transformation. Holding senior technology positions across both private and public sector, Jason uses his broad business experience mixed with his deep understanding of cloud native and disruptive technologies to help transform customers to compete in the digital economy.

Jason’s expertise across leading-edge digital, data and cloud services has resulted in his accreditation as a Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer, and industry thought leader for Forbes and the Financial Times.

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