Build services faster:  meet customer demand

Many organizations are struggling to develop digital services fast enough to respond to changing customer demands.  Download our guide and find out how you can modernize your approach to application development so you can meet the challenge of building services faster.

Drive insights and new value with data

The chaotic nature of many organizations’ data storage and sharing habits means the intelligence and innovations hiding in their data can be hard to realize. Our comprehensive guide helps you plan for new possibilities through digital innovation that leverages data and emerging technology.

Is your apps strategy holding you back?

It’s vital that you overcome barriers and internal challenges before you can set and accelerate your application transformation strategy. We’ve put together comprehensive advice based on real experience to help you plan your approach.

Is Your Apps Strategy Holding You Back?

Targeting the right business outcomes

It’s vital to start with evaluating the business value of your current estate and then work out how you can marry your applications with a specific outcome you want to achieve. That’s how Fujitsu helps customers evolve their application transformation strategies.

Make the benefits of cloud add up

Fujitsu will partner you on your cloud journey as you migrate, adopt, and transform. Collaborating with you to choose and implement the right managed services to achieve a balance between what you do and what others do for you. We’ll help you make the most of SaaS, PaaS and critical technologies like the increasingly popular Kubernetes. Getting value for money must be a key element in your protected foundations.

Make The Benefits Of Cloud Add Up

Digital twin: The key to a production line of insights

The benefits of digital twin are well understood by today’s manufacturer.  But to get the most out of digital twin you need the cloud.  That’s how you can get data to transform your business to become more responsive, resilient and relevant.

Build faster to drive growth and value

Make data the engine of both change and innovation. Clever use of agile and DevOps means you can get into a profitable rhythm of digital product development that turns deep insights into great new products. Simply, data helps you master modernization.

Advance your modernization skills

We’ve collated essential reading to help you become a master of modernization. You’ll find focused reading and insightful case studies to help you act decisively.

Video overview session – applications megatrends that could make or break your future

Digital Twin, the key to a production line of insights

The emerging tech challenge guide